Re: naamadh(y)Eyamulu

Padma Indraganti (
Tue, 05 Aug 1997 12:09:07 -0700

Srinivas Nagulapalli wrote:
Also are there many "Babu Rao, ChiTTi Baabu, Prasada Rao"s from Coastal 
districts? Personally I feel "ChiTTi Baabu" is a perfect Telugu name and 
I don't know if we have more of that type. I don't know how or why, but
names ending with authentic Telugu word "ayya" have gone out of fashion 
and become extinct species these days.

There are a few acca telugu names, (meaning no sanskrit roots) 
that can be considered "modern", "easy to pronounce for americans" 
(seems to be a  requirement for many new dESI parents). 
I can think of vennela, aamanai, mutyam, pOtana etc..

however, vennela does have a tamil root, "ven", 
meaning telupu.

-- Padma

PS: I thought I would mention this for whatever its worth:
I remember reading somewhere that mallaadi venkaTa kRshNa mUrti and
yaM.vI. never repeat a name for their characters. mallaadi does choose
unusual names for his characters. The most unusual I 
saw is "gOdAvari" for a male. [btw, are there any such names, suitable
for both a boy and a girl?] 
(co)incidentally, both mallaadi and yanDamUri have 
compilations of baby names published 
by the same company(the name escapes me..).
they both have the same cover picture! (by baapu)