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Tue, 5 Aug 1997 12:41:38 -0700 (PDT)

> Srinivas Nagulapalli wrote:
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> Also are there many "Babu Rao, ChiTTi Baabu, Prasada Rao"s from Coastal 
> districts? Personally I feel "ChiTTi Baabu" is a perfect Telugu name and 
> I don't know if we have more of that type. I don't know how or why, but
> names ending with authentic Telugu word "ayya" have gone out of fashion 
> and become extinct species these days.
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> There are a few acca telugu names, (meaning no sanskrit roots) 
> that can be considered "modern", "easy to pronounce for americans" 
> (seems to be a  requirement for many new dESI parents). 
> I can think of vennela, aamanai, mutyam, pOtana etc..
> however, vennela does have a tamil root, "ven", 
> meaning telupu.

I remember from Telugu sandhis--
vennela = vela + nela = white moon.

vel[l]a is of course Tamil as well as Telugu for white. actually it
may be veZha in Tamil? Otherwise we would have an overlap with the other
Telugu vela=price. (I guess this is also pure Telugu? Is it legal, 
linguistically speaking, to have two meanings for the same word?)

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> -- Padma
> PS: I thought I would mention this for whatever its worth:
> I remember reading somewhere that mallaadi venkaTa kRshNa mUrti and
> yaM.vI. never repeat a name for their characters. mallaadi does choose
> unusual names for his characters. The most unusual I 
> saw is "gOdAvari" for a male. [btw, are there any such names, suitable
> for both a boy and a girl?] 

Any of the i-kaaraanta pullingaas might work (technically anyway, with a
little cheating), since Telugu speech doesn't emphasize the dIrgham for the 
feminine version.

e.g., subuddhi, sumati, sunIti, (and Sakuni? :-)) which are all masculine 
in Sanskrit, requiring the long I for the feminine version. In Telugu, 
the name sumati is usually a girl's name these days, though it used to 
be a boy's name. So these days it would only work technically, and would
be confusing every time the boy visited  A.P.

Another "cheatably dual" name is paavani. This also depends on the similar
sound of paavani (son of pavana) and paavanI (purified (through fire?) female). 

I don't know sanskrit, so please don't take the above too seriously.

Bapa Rao

> (co)incidentally, both mallaadi and yanDamUri have 
> compilations of baby names published 
> by the same company(the name escapes me..).
> they both have the same cover picture! (by baapu)