Re: naamadh(y)Eyamulu

Kanneganti, Chandra (
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 15:40:00 -0400

>The most unusual I
>saw is "gOdAvari" for a male. [btw, are there any such names, suitable
>for both a boy and a girl?]

'gOdaavari' isn't so unusual for a male.  I often see the name of  the
writer 'ke. gOdaavari Sarma' in magazines.

Other bisexual names I can think of  - paiDitalli, aMkamma, naayuDamma,
siMhaadri, (veMkaTa) ratnaM, chandra ( no smiley; it's not my name)  and
I know atleast one female vENu.

Current discussions remind me the following line -
'what's in a name?' annaaDu apparaavu cheDDa baThaaNee namilina vEdaaMti
laa navvi.

 - CK