RE: dharma sandEham

Tue, 19 Aug 1997 18:26:57 -0400

Hi, I can only talk about Indian languages.  In the north Indian    
languages, there is no short e (as in venna) and o (as in molla).       
As such, they won't qualify for the  max no of letters.  Among the 
SI langages, Malayalam has all the sounds and vowels of Telugu 
(don't forget it is heavily Sanskritised Tamil); besides it has the 
Tamil lzha (as in palzham, you must be a Tamilian to pronounce this 
correctly) too.  So my award for the most number of letters among 
Indian languages goes to Malayalam.  But then in Telugu we have sounds 
like tsa and za for which we use only ca and ja in the written alphabet; 
thus we lost some letters!  Chinese and Japanese have more `characters' 
and symbols.  Of course, they may be considered as letters too.  
But then, can we count ka, kaa, ki, kee also as different letters? 
So it all boils down to definitions.  Regards!  -  jk mohana rao