chihnamu or chinhamu?

Sahithi P.S. (
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 19:37:06 +0100 (BST)

After reading about "cihnAlu" in the "dharma sandEham" thread, 
I happened to post this on ghanTasaala list:

>If I remember (rather heard) correctly, ghanTasaala says
>'chinhamu' for 'chihnamu' in a song
>'idi mana bhaarateeya SilpakaLaa vaibhavamu
>idi praacheena naagarikathaa **chinhamu**
> from 'sumangaLi'
>I am surprised to notice such 'ucchaaraNa lOpam' from G!

To which Prabhakar Vissavajjhala gaaru replied:

> Quite honestly, the correct pronounciation is 'cinhamu'  rather than
> 'cihnamu' as people see in script and wrongly utter the word as it is.
> However, as we know, the latter is more in usage.  Similarly, another
> situation is,  pronouncing  'kRpa'  or  'kRshNa',  where people generally
> prononce them the wrong way saying 'krupa'  or 'krushNa',  but the correct
> way is 'kripa'  or  'krishNa'.

Now I have a dharma sandEham.
Is the usage 'chinhamu' lexically right or wrong?
Because it is more popularly used (and pronounced) than
the other one (reminds me an English example: 'center' and 'centre'
both of which are correct).