Re: Video Paradisio

Dev Mannemela (
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 13:06:50 -0700

On Aug 20, 11:07am, Kavitha Tumuluri wrote:
> Subject: Re: Video Paradisio
> Ramaraogaru,
> I agree with with most of your list, though I would add a few of my own
> favorites into the list...
> a) appu chesi pappu kudu
> b) swayamkrushi
> c) satapadi
> etc...
> Recently when I went to Tana I bought/ordered a few videos from Movie Time
> Video
> Ph # (718)-539-3045. The print seems to be good.. They have a huge collection
> of telugu videos and if they don't carry it I guess they will get it for
> Each viseo costs about $12. Not a bad price if you can afford and desperately
> want to own a video.
> kavitha

I bought 'Saptapadhi' and 'Ananda Bhairavi' from Movie Time @ Tana.
I was very disappointed with the quality of the 'Saptapadhi' video.
It was very blurry and had a lot of jumps.