Famous Sayings by Andhraratna Duggirala Gopalakrushna

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Thu, 4 Sep 1997 09:44:22 -0400

  1) "Laughter lubricates the soul."
      (navvu aatmanu metta paraci, ottiDi taggiMcunu.)

  2) "Isn't the Nizam of Hyderabad the main trustee of Bhadrachala Srirama!"
      (This implies the coexistence of Hindus and Muslims.)

  3) Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was the speaker, addressing the gathering
     at the Christian College, Guntur and on the same occassion, the principal
     of the college, Roystraw (sp) was presiding over the meeting. Duggirala
     said "India will deliver the lecture and America will preside over."

  4) One day Motilal Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru, Kamal Nehru, Indira Gandhi,
     Krushna, and Vijayalakshmi all assmbled in a place. Duggirala saw that
     family gathering and said "You all look like those sugar candy parrots in a
     sweet stall."

  5) The chief (prime) minister of the then Madras state was not a supporter of
     the India's independence struggle.  In his song Duggirala called the Madras
     Chief Minister the "Ravana" and asked him to give back (release) Sita and
     get out of the way. (The meaning behind this was that foreign powers were
     ruling India and the Chief Minister of Madras was the obedient servent of
     the ruling power and was like Ravana. The people of India were like Rama.
     Sita was eqauted with the Rama Rajya, the people's government.)

  6) Duggirala said "God came in the form of Tobacco to Guntur."
     (Tobacco crop was a God-given gift to those farmers of Guntur who solely
     depend upon rainfall to cultivate the uplands.)

  7) Duggirala expanded the word "raama". "raa" means "raajyaM". "ma" means
     (He analyzed that the word "raama" is embedded with the concept of indian
     independence. Duggirala also incorporated the worship of Rama with
     politics and became another Ramadasu.)

  8) While studying 11th grade at the Bapatla High School, he was caught doing
     mischief and was asked to pay a fine of paavalaa (25 paise). Immediately
     Duggirala handed over a rupee to the clerk. In return the clerk said that
     he didn't have change. In reply Duggirala asked the clerk to keep the
     change and added that the change would cover for 3 more times.
     (Duggirala meant that the change would serve as the fines for three more
     wrong-doings to be committed in future by him. Therefore, the clerk was
     asked not to give back the rest of the change.)

  9) The roof of Duggirala's house in Guntur drooped down a bit.
     Showing the roof to everyone, Duggirala said "This is the Guntur Tower of

 10) Kasinadhuni Nageswara Rao was the founder of Andhra Patrika and the owner
     Amrutanjanam. In a gatering, Duggirala said "To relieve the resultant
     headache after reading Andhra Patrika, Sri Nageswara Rao invented
     Amrutanjanam." (Immediately after, Sri Nageswara Rao handed over a check to
     Duggirala and Duggirala spent that money to serve his fellow Indians.)

 11) There was debate whether Muslims should join the "raamadaMDu".
     Duggirala offered a solution for that saying "Muslims worship (iconize) the
     crescent. In order to carry Ganga on the top of his head, Siva rerouted his
     hair onto his chin. Therefore, Muslims do worship Siva. If you want, call
     Siva as Sankar Khan."

 12) For short, Chitta Ranjan Das was called "C.R. Das" those days. Duggirala
     used to call himself C.R. Das also and expanded his C.R.Das as "cIrAla rAma

			    --based on Karlapalem Kutumbasastry's Andhraratna


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