Re: One Laksha each for Novel and Play

Kanneganti, Chandra (
Mon, 8 Sep 1997 12:41:00 -0400

RaamakrishNa gaaru says:
>In the recent contest organized by TANA, I understand that the intention
>was not to award the top prize, if no worthy submission came through. But

>such self-enforcement is difficult, as it turned out to be. At the end of

'Worthy' is very ambiguous and could lead to controversies like this one
as the judgments in the literary competitions are always highly
subjective.   A competition is a competition and I can't understand the
logic behind denying the prize to the one adjudged as the best among the
entries received.

>But a great one, it ain't! If the organizers were to seriously adhere to
>their own guide lines, or to put it in another way, if I were to follow
>their guidelines, this novel wouldn't have been selected to be the
>recipient of the Rs. 1,25,000/- prize. What is the remuneration
>with the j~nAna peeTha award? Rs. 1,00,000/- ?

We are showing our consumer behavior when we expect more from a
story/novel that won a prize with higher cash value.  Our expectations
grow enormously when we start reading a prize winning piece.  Most of
the times we will be surprised.  I don't expect great works out of the
competitions, but reasonably good ones.  In fact I couldn't recall any
'great' literature coming out of any competition.  Lot of great
literature was even turned down by many publishers/editors before
getting printed finally.
Irrespective of  the money  involved, the result is encouraging good
literature. If it served that object, I am content.

>IMHO, awards of this size contribute to unwarranted "award inflation",
>unless the strict guidelines are strictly followed. In fact, it is far
>better to award multiple prizes of a reasonable amount than a huge amount

>of this magnitude.


I agree to this point.  Actually, I liked the vishNubhoTla foundation's
idea of giving equal prizes to the five selected stories couple of years
back.  That propels healthier competition and less controversy.  I don't
think a writer would write differently if the prize money is 1 lakh
instead of  Rs 20,000.  Or does he/she?

Chandra (Do I like it because I am a farmer's son?) Kanneganti