A 20-book list

Ramakrishna S. Pillalamarri (pkrishna@ARL.MIL)
Tue, 9 Sep 1997 09:06:31 -0400

Some time ago, I asked SCITters to send me their favorite seesa padyam.
There were several sent, and they were posted to SCIT in bunches, and
eventually saved in some Telugu homepage. As can be expected, pOtana's
MMMMM poem received the most nominations.

I tried to do a similar thing with kanda padyam recently, but as the saying
goes, that venture suffered "puriTlO sandhi" - don't quite know what it
means, but I think that applies. The attempt had to be shelved, remembering
the rhetorical exhortation of the nEpALa wizard, "janam meccEdi manam
SAyaTamA, manam cEsEdi janam meccaTamA?"

Well, another attempt, from another angle. I would like to see what people
perceive as being the great books, in modern telugu literature. No
prabandhas and kAvyas need apply. If interest is there, we can do that list
later. Please limit the number of entries to the completely arbitrary
number, 20.

In order that your list doesn't influence anothers', and vice-versa, please
send the list to "pkrishna@juno.com", with the subject line above. If you
just list the books, without any comments, it would be easy to compile. If
you have to include some comments, place them at the end of the list.

Based on the frequency of incoming mail, I will decide when to compile and
release the list. How about two weeks as a fair amount of time?