Re: One Laksha each for Novel and Play

V. Chowdary Jampala (
Tue, 9 Sep 1997 09:19:59 -0400 (EDT)

	It is clear that Ramakrishna gaaru does not think 
rEgaDi_vittulu is a great novel. It is also clear that if 
he were to make the decision, rEgaDi_vittulu wouldn't have 
won TANA's Rs.120,000 prize. It is his perception and 
judgement and I respect that.

	However, when he implies that the TANA souvenir 
committee which conducted the novel competition did 
not follow its own guidelines or that such committess lack 
the necessary self-discipline, that is an opinion, and I 
am not sure that the facts support such an opinion.

	I was part of the judging panel and my 'effusive' 
review is a matter of record. I was one of the people 
recommending to the TANA souvenir committee to have a 
stipulation that the award would not be given unless it
met some specific criteria. I am satisfied that rEgaDi
vittulu met the published criteria for the award and 
the unpublished expectations I had for such an award
winner. I also know that there was a consensus among 
the judging panel that rEgaDi_vittulu met the criteria
for the award. I am also confident that the award 
would not have been given if the criteria weren't 

	Ramakrishna gaaru has a right to disagree 
with the judging panel. But, I question his
pronouncement that the judging panel /TANA committee 
didn't or couldn't do the job that they  set out to do.

	More about some of the other issues raised 
in raamakRUshNa gaari post later.

	Regards		-- V. Chowdary, I liked it even if my father isn't
a farmer, Jampala

PS: Recently, I came across another 'effusive' review
of rEgaDi_vittulu. This one was an editorial by ABK
Prasad in 'vartha' daily spanning some 60 inches of 
small print. I don't know if vaartha editorials 
regularly include book reviews or if this was a
special recognition for what I consider a special