Good News! One More Great Adventure - AWARD FEVER!

Tue, 9 Sep 1997 16:33:17 -0400

Thanks for the good news Sri Kalisapudi gaaru on the another new fever on Award
Giving and Award Winning.

I strongly feel that this is high time to encourage writing in Telugu and of
course Good Writing.

Sri Murali Chunduri deserves the credit in initiating this Award Giving Mission
and once again he has to be congratulated to extend this to Telugu Plays. Those
who support this project have to be thanked.

It is not an easy task for those who try to establish such projects and carry on
such adventures. Above all raising such huge amounts of monies is not easy. At
this stage, I am sure that the money is well spent.

Regadi Vittulu definitely are germinating into a tree which will bear sweet
fruits that we our fellow Telugus enjoy all over the world in future.

One more time my hearty congratulations to the author of Regadi Vittulu,
Chandralata, the catalyst of this project, Murali Chunduri, and the critical
observers who decided the award winner.

Now it is the time for the reactants (readers) to test their intellectual
reaction kinetics in a hard glass test tube, specially meant for the combustion
of self-made opinions or induced interrogations.

This is not the first time. Let the bombs explode on papers in the form of words
with a bit of meaningful smoke. Ofcourse those opinionated will only see the
smoke screen and smell the gaseous oxides (hazardous!).

Sri Veluri gaaru in reply to a comment that I made told me that if a piece
generates some sort of discussion has to be definitely readable and hence, I
judge that it has to be good. Otherwise, people will not discuss.

I wish Murali Chunduri a great success and may he bring many more sweet fruits
from those Regadi Vittulu.


"An attack of lethargic encephalites often turns a good child into a little
criminal." --CEM Joad.