Re: Please remove my name from mailing

uday bhaskar (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 10:46:37 PDT

>Please remove my name from the list.
>I dont believe the mail is all about chandamama stories
>and telugu translations etc etc. Literally one hundred letters.  Only
>few keep on writing
>again and again for show off.
>Nothing constructive or informative. This is for people to show off
>and plenty of time to kill.

Well, what do you know, Telusa is under attack, again. I have been on 
this list for almost four months, and this is probably the fourth or 
fifth of "Thats it! I'm thru with this!" kind of a post. Inevitably, 
each of them has left another hundred posts in its wake, protesting that 
this is not so.

Well, rAma kRShNa gArU (nAku telisi I lisTu lO mIru mooDO rAma kRSHNa 
gAru), what can I say! from gOMgUra and beMDa kAya pulusu to erudite 
discussions on agrarian class struggles in Andhra, this forum has seen 
more of Telugu life and Telugu culture discussed than perhaps most 
universities and academies in Andhra today (I am told that there are now 
more than a few of them). 

As for caMdamAma and translations, I can't think of too many topics that 
are more apt than these to be discussed on this forum (unless I have 
totally misunderstood the stated mission of telusA).

I have not come across another children's magazine (in any of the 
languages that I am familiar with) that comes anywhere close to 
caMdamAma in terms of either the literary merits of the contributions, 
or the richness of the atmosphere and aura created. After all, what else 
would one expect from a venture that came from the minds (and hands, and 
pens, and brushes) of such all time great telugus as ko. ku, cakrapANi, 
nAgi reDDi, vaDDAdi pApayya, citra, Sankar, and all the others.


Uday "caMdamAma sAyaMtO telugu nErcukunna pravAsaMdhruDu" Bhaskar

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