oka vinnapam

katta murty (katta_murty@umich.edu)
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 07:34:51 -0400 (EDT)

telusA mitrulaku oka vinnapam. Detroit July 1998 ATA conference ku
theme koraku vedukutunnamu. mee suggestions dayachESi pampavalenu.

nA suggestion idi:  swa-tan-tra  Bha-ra-ta  swa-rNO-tsa-va  te-lu-gu

Conference symbol ki nA suggestion idi: a wheel with 24 spokes with the
above theme wording written around it in Telugu script.

This  symbol can be interpreted in two ways.

1. The wheel can be interpreted as  asoka chakra in India's national flag.

2. Detroit is also known as the city of wheels. The wheel in the above
symbol can be interpreted as the symbol of the host city.

We would apprecite your suggestions to improve this, or independent
suggestions for the theme and symbol  for the conference. Can be sent to
me by e-mail, or I will provide my address on request.
My apologies if this vinnapam does not fit with telusa charter, and

Katta Murty.