Re: paata chandamama kathalu

Jagdish Bisa (
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 14:44:28 -0400

Ramakrishna "The risk taker"  Pillalamarri wrote:

> The world of situational ethics doesn't allow an "absolute" moral
> to be neatly summed up at the end, does it? I am right, and you are
> also right. And if someone questions as to how it can be, then he is
> also right.

Probably true to certain extent.  I always felt that the main reason for
avoiding moral statements at the end of a story is to make it more
enjoyable.  The story resembles the structure of an "essay", otherwise.
I also feel that the  moral theme, if at all there is one, of a well
written story isn't gonna disappear if not stated explicitly at the end.
It's simply more enjoyable if that moral is "discovered" by vicarious
experience -- as opposed to thematic statement -- at the end of the

-Jagdish (Besides, it hides the _calculatory_  nature of an author!)