Re: Who cares to buy a Telugu book? IRT Madhava's message

Nyayapathi Srinivasa Rao (
Fri, 19 Sep 97 10:47:35 IST

Sree wrote:

>    This is IRT Sri Madhava's latest message entitled "Who Cares To Read A
>    Poem?".

>    The biggest seller in Andhra among magazines, apparantly
>    is Swati. No matter whatever the content of Swati may be, the journal is
>    extremely well prepared with excellent lay out, pictures, and print. 
>    In these
>    regards also Andhra Prabha appears to be inferior, even after 
>    the major face lift.

I don't think Swati deserves any of the above accolades is
willing to decorate it with.

Swati cameout following an advertisement which made clear that the
publishers intend to do #saahitee vyaapaaram# but promised the readers
that they wouldn't set any negative trend by publishing #kshudra saahicyam#
which was selling like masaala dosalu during those days.

True. They did not publish any stuff possessed of deyaalu or bhootaalu.

But what did they publish?

A cheap, fourth-grade SRngaaram story, filmy gossip like kaagaDaa did
and uselesee froth! 

I detest its capacity to cater to badtaste more than
i dislike its contents for their vulgarity.

Its print quality, layout, illustrations were sub-standard. And that's the
best i can say about them.

And coming back to Andhra Prabha, their magazine looks better than Swati,
feels better than Swati. Any printed paper is better than Swati.

Regarding readership to telugu poetry, the less said, the better.
Those few who want good poetry do reach out, take pains to meet people,
proactively launch manhunt for books.

Modern writing has failed to enthuse readers into becoming active
participants. But the story is the same always; almost anywhere!


Regards & Thanks