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Hello all:

Looks like we are discussing of literary magazines. Any magazine to be
popular among readers is when it inspires people, naturally topics
dealing with contemporary aspects of life. In that stand nothing unusual
over periods of time rating will change as it serves certain spectrum of
people. During 60-70's YUVA was very popular for the reason its size and
rich story and novels that were published. Then came Swathi and without
much fanfare there are Ramoji Rao's Vipula and Chatura serving two
different aspects. 

Popularity of weekly editions like Andhra Bhoomi, Andhra Prabha, Andhra
Patrika changed over 1980 with large scale invasion of marketing and
sensationalism strategies ( I believe Andhra Bhoomi started this trend
with SiKa Raju at the helm of the affairs--- In its initial days One
such sensationalism was Cine actor Sarita's divorce and her movie
career). The trend was so much very conservative Weekly like 
Andhra Patrika was forced to recruit advertisement representatives. I
happened to be one of the advertisements representatives, which was very
funny at that time a Ph.D. student in health sciences working as an AD.
Rep. for Patrika ( I enjoyed that brief stint, as I got some interests
in Journalism with literary itch which is a direct conflict with my main
professional career). For weeklies or monthlies to survive they have to
resort to some sort of survival skills, in certain times they are
compromising on proportion of literary articles in each issue. But these
magazines deserve their due credit for sustaining efforts to offer some
very good novels.

Finally I have a question I think Jamapala Chowdary can answer this.

There was a serial novel that was published in Andhra Prabha- This was
published as award winning novel in Dipavali Novel contest-- Author's
name is "Sridhar" he is a lecturer in one of the Vijayawada colleges (I
think SRR & CRR college). Hero's name is Sridhar

The novel starts like this

---- Errani Vesavi enda churru manipisthondi, endaki bhayapadi,
vooruloni pasuvulu, kukkalu roadlu vadili ye chooru kindo vundadam
valla, roadlanni nirmanushyamga vunnayi.... ame kurcheelo koorchoni
chaduvuthondi... anthalo talupumeeda sunnitanga tattina chappudayyinda,
edurugaa nuduruki pattina chamata tuduchukuntunna yuvakudu nilabadi

Can somebody name this novel.

the reason I liked this novel so much was this novel got a massive
following... that was rated as the best impartial selection, since such
a major recognition (Yes Andhra Prabha Dipavali novel contest 1st prize
is a big time award) was given to an unknown writer.


Prasad Tata

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