Re: Who cares to buy a Telugu book? IRT Madhava's message
Sat, 20 Sep 1997 9:58:17 +0200

Dear Vasugaru,

Sri pAlana is right in saying that Swati magazine looks better than Andhra 
Prabha.  Indeed, swati looks very much better than prabha.

Anyway, It is cent per cent true that "swati" gives out a lot of cinema 
related gossip.  At least each page will have a, half of the post card 
size, gossip column, related to the cinema field. For example:

"Sridevi bonykapoor laku eppaTnuMcO unna saMbaMdhaM, ivvALTiki bayaTiki 
telisiMdi.  (adEdO mAmu teliyanaTlu)... aa muddugummaku nA moguDE dorikADA 
ani bony kapoor byArya veLLi patrikalavALLatO morapeTTukuMdi.  avunaMDOy, 
monnee madhya AmitAb vALLa iMTlO jarigina partylO Sridevi aaviDa meeda 
nippulu kakkiMdaTa!!!"    ---- ilA sAgutuMdi..

Obviously, people are very very interested in reading gossips.  I bet, 
people buy this magazine only for the gossip.  Besides, Swati has got a "ee 
vAraM sRUMgAra kadha" or something like that.  I guess, this reason should 
suffice to make a reader buy :-)

IRT Sri V. Chowdary Jampala:

>Also, while vEmoori balaraam can be criticized for his swaati weekly, we 
>need to remember that it is the same balaraam that struggled for years 
>with swaati monthly, which was the classy act among the monthlies in 
>late 70s and 80s.

I think swaati MONTHLY is the only magazine that, even now, gives high 
importance to the literature and poetry.  I don't know about the circulation 
figure, though.

Regards - Madhava