Re: : two poems

Ramarao Kanneganti (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 18:33:16 -0400

Jagdish Bisa writes:
 > Ramarao Kanneganti said:
 > > The risk of being mute when unstated, vulgar when explicit, that is
 > > risk one takes in declaration of love or poetry.
 > This is a contradiction in terms, I believe.  Correct me if I'm wrong,
 > but I think one resorts to poetry, in the first place,  to *avoid* being
 > mute,  while very much being implicit.  If one wants to be explicit, why
 > bother writing a poem?

I don't think you are wrong. To paraphrase a friend, poets are brave
indeed, for they are not afraid to make fools of themselves. So are
lovers. So is anybody that show vulnerability.

That poetry should be implicit in meaning, I am not so sure about. It
is the obvious conclusions that insult the reader, not the explicit
announcements. I have never felt insulted by the poetry of SriSri, or
cherabanDa raju. However explicit may be, raaviSaa still rules.

 > -Jagdish ( "Where's the metaphore?" said Pablo Neruda) Bisa.