RE: How to understand
Tue, 7 Oct 1997 20:06:24 +0200

The length of the thread did not surprise me at all.
I know on these forums (fora?) people respond mostly to those
posts which appear to contain something controversial. Even if there was
nothing controversial in the post, our fertile imagination(!) can
supply one!!

Dear vasu,

I think you completely misjudged the TELUSA members.  I was surprised to 
see your accusative message regarding this thread.

Please refer the 1st stanza of Bhartruhari subhashita - neetiSataka.  He 
says "bOddhArO matsara grastA...jeerNamaMgE subhAsitaM". No, I am not going 
to supply the meaning of it, as you have to refer it by yourself.  

"AnO bhadrO kratavO yaMti viSvataH" means "Let noble thoughts come from all 
the sides" - Rigveda

TELUSA is a virtual forum where different people, who share the same 
literary interest, join and discuss about telugu literature.  Every one 
tries to put his own point.  Anyone disagrees with, what is said, would be 
welcomed to discuss.  I always enjoy reading the content of TELUSA!

I completely disagree with your point that - people only respond to the 
controversial posts.  Why should any one post, if they agree with the 
content of the post?  People respond back; only when they disagree with any 
point in the article.  There is nothing wrong in it! Heavens are not going 
to fall by doing it!  On contrary to your opinion, I feel better to see 
both sides of the coin.  

Have you heard of Tarka Sastra?  Have you ever witnessed when two tarka 
pandits participate in Debate?  "reMDu madagajAlu koTTukunnaTluMTuMdi".

There is a concept called "poorva paksha" and "uttara paksha".  When one 
raises a point (poorva paksha) the other one criticizes it (uttara paksha). 
 Then the debate starts.  Each one tries to support his point of view by 
getting various references.  Now, who is going to get benefit out of this?  
Obviously, the listener, who will come to know many points that he didn't 
know before.  This concept is referred in Bhagawadgeeta as "vAdaH 
pravadatAmasmi" (vibhooti yOga).

Of course, I too, felt a bit sad when I saw unjustified moratoriums on a 
few threads (there were two in a span of 7 days). I don't know about 
others.  But, please review your letter.  It is conveying that you are 

Regards, Madhava

P.S:  I did not intend to insult/accuse anyone through this letter. I 
apologize if anyone feels bad about what I wrote.

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