Wed, 8 Oct 1997 09:45:40 +0530

Hi All,
  Prasad Chodavarapu had written:

>> that brings me to a question that i wanted to ask for a long time.
>> what is the role of ara sunna in written telugu? where can/should it be
>> placed? 

    Let me try to explain whatever I know.

  telugu vyAkaraNamulO gasaDadavAdEsa samdhi okaTi. 
sAmAnyamugA I samdhini upayOgimchina phalitamugA
arasunna ni upayOginchabaDutumdi. 
ex: talli@MdamDri = tallin' + tamdRi 
    prayatnamun' + chEsi = prayatnamu@MjEsi

Like this we can give some more examples. My understanding of using
arasunna is with respect to chandassu. 

Any letter followed by n' (na-pollu) is treated as 'guruvu'. 
but the letter followed by arasunna will be laghuvu (provided
the letter follows the other required rules). So to keep the
chandassu this may be used. This may be one of the uses of arasunna.
May be there are many other uses. Some other may like to pitch-in
add their answers and comment if my answer is wrong. 

Bhattiprolu Ravi Kumar