alu, tca, tja
Wed, 8 Oct 1997 10:02:45 +0530

Hi all,

Prasad Chodavarapu has written :

>> if you are a little more patinet with me, also explain the rules for
>> alu, tca and tja. 

   I have seen in old written telugu alu being used to construct
some particular words... 

For example, I have seen kluptamugA being written as
ka+alu+ptamugA instead of k+l+u+ptamugA. Slowly,
this practise is gone. Similarly, we see vowel 'R'
also being used rarely. We learnt to write Rshi
but know we find rushi being used. 

  Specifically, I don't know any particular rules for
tca and tja. You may be wondering if I don't know the
rules, why I am talking on this subject. Let me explain.
To my knowledge, these are many words which differ a lot
when we use ca instead of tca and vicevera. Similarly
for ja and tja. 

Pardon me for picking this example.
You can see the difference between ucca, utcca. See the
difference in meaning. So, while choosing between
ca ans tca ; ja and tja we need to know the meaning of
the word, and how it's going to change if we use the wrong one. 

   But, I find in recent written telugu, we see only one
ca and ja being used and we pronounce depending on the
context. Also, now in schools the telugu alphabet being taught
many times donot contain alu, tca and tja. Ofcourse,
I wonder how may people really use telugu script
in their daily use !!! 

   Can someone comment more on this.

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