Nyayapathi Srinivasa Rao (vasu@india.hp.com)
Wed, 8 Oct 97 14:06:15 IST

Hello Friends,


1) I have, IMveryHO, done everything i can to explain by enlisting
   source materials that vaa.ci.vee's poetry expresses
   _experience_ of seeking truth. Seekers are many but truth is one!

2) I request to be pardoned for i do not have access to those books
   and i can't do any transcription of the passages in juxtaposition 
   to which it is better to read vaa.ci.vee.

3) I, IMveryHO, listened to everybody including Jagadish.
   While i was reading Jagadish's posts, i came across many words
   which i call 'GRE words' or 'dictionary words'. Yes, yes
   i know all words are dictionary words but that is how 
   a 'nirakshara kukshi' like me usually describes that flowery vocabulary.

   But even when i clicked some of those words into the
   online Merriam & Webster website, i only got a 'warning' message
   that there are no matching entries!

   To summarize, Jagadish's commentary is matchless and more difficult
   (not by the virtue of words alone) than vaa.ci.vee's poetry.

4) I assure you all that i try my best not to post any more poems
   either on Telusa or on any other forum to which i was advised
   by Jagadish to take my singularly opinionated posts followed-up 
   with disingenuous and crabby explanations - dismissive and despicable -
   prompted by disregard and disrespect to the members of this list.

   i do not want to contest anyfurther. i agree jagadish did not
   intend to insult me.


Regards & Thanks