Re. Deepaavali.

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08 Oct 97 15:50:28 -0700

Let me add my words here. 
Naraka: ..  danujulu maguvala desa janaru ..., Hari! 
Hari:   ..  khaMDiMceda, ... sura kinnara kaaMtalu sooci nEDu naMdamu boMdan! 
Commentary: Naraka, of all demons to make a statement, that they, Demons do 
            attack ladies. 
            Here, may be he only implies that he has no intention of being at 
            with a lady. 
            Now Krishna replies that he would soon kill him and make lady 
folks of 
            deva ganas , some of whom are watching the battle from the sky, 
            Krishna here, reminds the demon, that he has attacked ladies till 
            and they all await his death. And his death would be a treat to 
the eyes 
            of those ladies watching from above.  
            Why Did Krishna exclude feminine folks of human kind? Not that 
they would 
            be indifferent to his death. Far from that, they are too eager to 
            about his death. 
            But why exclude them? Read what Krishna said a little closely. 
            The word 'chuchi' is the key. It is a very well intended word. 
            Ladies do not go to battles in general. Almost never. So there are 
            no 'nara' ladies watching there at the battle field.  They all know 
            Krishna is out there to kill Naraka, the dreaded demon. But they 
            unfortuantely can not watch his death  to their satisfaction. 
            Ladies of the said classes, i.e., sura  (devata) and kinnara ( 
deva gana classes) 
            have no such problem. They are not missing the opertunity of 
watching the 
            death of Naraka in the hands of Krishna. 
            As a representative of the ladies of 'nara' classification, Satya 
            bhama is there watching and helping Krishna in his effort. 
            Krishna has decided that ladies, especially because they have 
            extensively at the hands of the demon Naraka, should have a share 
of the  
            ultimate victory over the bad fellow.  
            Naraka abducted thousands of innocent girls, of whom humans alone 
            to about 16,000. So they say. 
            Hence, Krishna awarded Bhama, an opertunity of humiliating Naraka. 
            She simply excelled in her efforts. 
            At the end of course, Krishna thrilled the worlds by beheading the 
            For those who need it, there is a most beautiful poem describing 
the event. 
         illaalan kiTi naina kaalamuna munnEnanchu, ghOshintu vO,  
         tallI! ninnu dalanchi yaina, kRpa kaavan chuuDaDE! 
         chellambO, tala drunche nanchu - dhara naakeEpinchu chandambunan, 
         dreLLen chappuDu kaaga bhUmi sutu siram buddIptaavaha kshONipai! 
            ( I know the second line is not complete/correct. Would some 
              body help that poem, please! ) 
         - tala drunche- : By saying so, Naraka is imagined to have said, he 
killed me. 
PS: Please excuse me. There must be typos at least. Font on my mail system is 
most hazy!! 
  - Syamal.