Re: Dr. D.Ramohan Rao's book.

V. Chowdary Jampala (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 13:48:31 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 21 Oct 1997, Dr. Srinivasa Rao wrote:

> V. Chowdary Jampala wrote:
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> >         This is the ultimate Telugu book for the coffe table with
>  	I bought a copy of the book 'maa telugutalliki mallepoodanDa'and
> read.  It is a complilation of several items of telugu literature that
> all of us read/wanted read/ some missed in one single place.Regarding
> that aspect it is nice to have it.
> 	However, inclusion of photos of some leaders and cine stars of
> questionable nature along with those whom we respect a lot affects the
> value of the book. I hope that the complier Dr. Dronavalli Ramamohan Rao
> realizes this and removes them in the second edition and make this a
> true 'mallepoodanDa' to 'telugutalli'. 

	My complaints abotu those sections are that they are not
comprehensive enough and lack balance. But, that shouldn't distract from
the rest of the book.

	Incidentally, Sreenivaasa raavu gaaru made an inadvertent mistake.
'maa telugu talliki mallepoodanDa' and 'dESabhaashalandu telugu lessa' are
two different books. The former was a compendium on Telugu culture
published by Andhra Jyoti as  part of its silver jubilee celebrations a
few years ago. TANA distributed this excellent volume in US in 92-93 (the
movie section of this book was a treat too).

	'dESAbhaashalandu telugu lessa' is the newer book that Sreenivaasa
Rao gaaru is referring to, and the one that I reviewed on this forum
lately. This is edited and published by drONavalli raammOhana raavu.

	Regards			--- V. Chowdary Jampala