Re: Educate me please!

Nyayapathi Srinivasa Rao (
Fri, 14 Nov 97 10:28:26 IST

Sree harikrishna says:

> I did not mean my post to provoke anyone; I posted 
> it in an effort to educate myself (& the likes, if there
> were any) about surrealism - that should instantiate the 
> dummy obviously. (This might have been the n-th time I ran to 
> my Webster to look up for  the word surrealism - its recurrence
> in Telugu literature is too well known to be ignored). I first sent 
> the article (rather my cut-and-paste extract) only to one of 
> the Telusa members, who suggested that I should send it to 
> the group. If it has offended Sri Vasu garu, #SatadhA kshantavyuNNi#. 
> This is as academic as I can reply to Sri Vasu's request(s) 
> and comments.
> T. Hari Krishna

I am sorry. I learnt a bit late that your title is a commonly
chosen one in such contexts.

It's rather my ignorance.


Regards & Thanks