Re: [Update]Rangavalli-1.2 & MeghaSandesam 1.1 - Telugu Transliteration Software

Prasad A. Chodavarapu (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 10:57:58 -0500

Sudesh K Pillutla wrote:
> Hi Prasad,
> I have downloaded Rangavalli and Congrats for developing such useful tool.
> I liked all the features and also direct mail facility  Thanks for
> including the Transliteration Scheme in the help and providing a letter.rts
> and guMiMtAlu.rts files. I guess the major plus of this tool is platform
> independence and extensibility of fonts. I use Srinivas Sirigina's

hi sudesh,
    thanks for the good words.

> TeluguLipi ( I may add that even TeluguLipi is extreamly user friendly).
> One feature which is there in that and you could implement is converting
> the text to HTML file.

yes, it will be there in future versions. infact, Rangavalli will
become a better web browser in 2.0 version that will use HTML rendering
of Java 1.2(yet to be released).

> Based on my quick look I have few points to make
>        - Can I not see a text written in Tikkana Font in telugu script

          you can see it with Word or any other text editor, but not
with Rangavalli. that is bcos the latter does not work directly with the
font codes,
it rather works on the underlying RTS text. even if i put in a view that
will show the tikkana file, u will not be able to edit it. so, always
save in
RTS format.
>        - implementation of RIT in TeluguLipi and Rangavalli seems to be a
> bit different, like for example GamTasAlA & GanTasAlA
>          both give same spelling in telugu script in TeluguLipi, they look
> a bit different in Rangavalli. May be one of the spelling is in
>          true RIT format.

the original RTS used m and n for both sunna and makAra/nakAra pollu.
this would mean a whole lot of confusion for the program whenever it
a 'm' or a 'n'. e.g. try writing kAnpUr in TeluguLipi, it will give you
kAMpUr. i tried to get rid of this confusion by saying that you can only
a sunna by M.

>        - Can I not open a file saved in Telugu Font. I saved a RTS file in
> Telugu Font and opened it again, this time it looks different.

see the answer to the first comment above.

>        - The file open dialog box every time takes bak to default
> Rangavalli directory. It will be useful to remember the last directory.

yes, it is an important but easy to incorporate feature.
i will do it in the next release.

>        - Is it possible to provide a short key for the main menu items.
> ("Alt F for File" for example)

i will do it in the next release.

>        - I would like to close the window if I click on the window destroy
> button in that right corner.

i need to figure out how to do that in java.
i didn't see am api that does that. let me check.

>        - FAQ file looks a bit outdated it say "java LaunchRangavalli"

no, you can still use that! that's exactly what happens in the
when you click on the icon. i need to add to the FAQ reg. new features.

> I didnot find answers to these in FAQ in my first pass. I will use it more
> extensively and if feel OK I will provide my comments to you.

i will appreciate it.

> However I think what you have done is a great service to Telugu Literature.
> Hope more people use it put info on the Web.

thanks once again


> Congrats once again
> Sudesh Pillutla

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