Re: Raduga and RVR

Akkiraju Bhattiprolu (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 11:46:05 PST

Sri Vasu writes

>RVR is a raaLLab(h)anDi venkaTaeSwara raavu.
>(The name even when expanded rings no bell in my memory, though!)
>Sree RVR had worked in Moscow for a dozen years or so.
>He is in India now. Somewhere in Tanuku or in Telengana.

     Thank you Vasu gaaru for the information.

>The erstwhile Foreign Languages Publications in the then USSR
>later diversified into Progress, Raduga and Mir publications.
>The first (Progress) for books relating to politics, economics, marxism
>and such, the second (Raduga) for works of fiction and the last
>(Mir) for books on sciences.
>I pray god that the book you have reading is a work of fiction.
>If it's so, i am right.  Otherwise, don't blame me.

      Yes, I  believe you  as I don't have any counter example.  The 
book I am reading, "cossacks" is a novel.  The word cossacks  is a name 
of a tribe in russian borders.  The novel says that these people are 
very adventurous and are the first sect to get more freedom  from  Tzar 
emperor (even before revolution) for their fights and sacrifices in the 
russian borders.   Also it is mentioned that Tolstoi has lived in one of 
the villages of this sect and participated in couple of wars at the 
borders.   This book is supposedly his personal experiences and how they 
influenced him.

      Sure, I remember now.  As you said the collected works of
Lenin were from Progress (in Telugu it is "pragati pracuraNAlayam").
 "nitya jIvitamlO BoutikaSAstram"  by Yakov Verlmon and the
Integral Calculus (forgot the author) I used in my Intermediate are 
from MIR publishers.   

Thanks and regards

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