Katta Murty (
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 11:27:28 -0500

sabhyulaku namaskaaramulu. Though not directly related to the theme of this
forum, I would like to pass on this information to members with the request
that they forward it to anyone who may be interested.

At the upcoming ATA Telugu conference 3-4 July 1998 in Detroit,
MI, we would like to facilitate alumni (and other) groups to
hold ``get togethers'' or ``meetings''.

For example if alumni of Guntur Medical College want to hold a
meeting for an hour or so during the conference, we will arrange a
room for them, provide any other needed facilities  for it, and
include an anouncement about it in the registration package that
every participant receives on arrival.

Any group who would like to set up a meeting like that should send
the following information to me either by post or e-mail.

1. Name of group:

2. Preferred time slot, and duration:

3. Expected no. of attendees:

4. Postal & e-mail address, & phone of organizer:

5. What facilities (other than a room) do you need?

Even if you do not have all this information, at least send me
your intention to set up such a meeting, before 28 Feb. 1998.


Katta G. Murty
5611 Vorhies Road
Ann Arbor, MI-48105-9521