About amaraavati kathalu - part 4 (marikonni kathalu)

V. Chowdary Jampala (cjampala@quark.dayton.net)
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 11:18:11 -0500 (EST)

		About amaraavati kathalu - part 4
		(continued from previous post)

'vayasocchindi' is very different from 'renDu gangalu'.  One day,
tailor jOgaaraavu found a fifteen year old orphan baabigaaDu near his
shop. Sympathetic to his plight, jOgaaraavu lets baabigaaDu do minor
things around the shop. baabigaaDu befriends pOli, a poor servant
girl. She shares her food with him regularly. He decides to make her a
new blouse and obtains measurements for the blouse. He starts hoarding
the leftover pieces in the shop and obtains enough cloth for a blouse
in a month's time. How about sewing? He isn't allowed on the  sewing
machine. Risking his boss's wrath, baabigaaDu sneaks some time on the
sewing machine whenever he can. It takes him another month to finish
the hands; one more month for the neck. Continuing furtively, he
finishes the blouse in about six months.
He runs to the riverbank to meet pOli. She is ecstatic about the new
blouse. 'Go, try it on', beams baabigaaDu proud in his achievement. She
goes behind a tree and puts it on. The blouse doesn't fit. The buttons
cannot get to the buttonholes. In the six months since he took the
measurements, young pOli's bosom grew in size.
pOli consoles the dispirited baabigaaDu, "Don't worry maamaa, my
mistress told me that it is time for me to start wearing a pamiTa. She
is going to give me a discarded vONee of her daughter. I will wear
this blouse under the pamiTa with a pin; it should do". A
thousand dreams light up baabigaaDu's eyes.
Is there a plot here? An original one? Is this story 'diddly stuff'? I
am not even talking about the linguistic abilities of the author here.
'oka rOjeLLipOyindi' is a day in the life of  picchayya. There is
nothing special about picchayya. '...parugettE pravaaham aDuguna
teliyakunDaa eedukeLLE chePapillalaa, toNakani sarassulO kadalani
alalaa, aayana kaalaniki teliyakunDaa kaalamtO kalasipOyi
jeevitamantaa gaDipaaDu. Sabdaala sangati aTunchi, niSSabdaMlO parama
niSSabdaMgaa jeevinchaaDu'. He leads a fairly mundane life; waking up,
morning ablutions, daily worship, lunch, siesta, a walk around the
village in the evening, a stop at the temple, dinner and sleep.
Eventually one day picchayya dies. The author says, "picchayya gaaru
Evee saaadhinchalEdu. tagaadaalu teerchalEdu. samsyalu
charchinchalEdu. kaanee kaalaaniki teliyakunDaa kaalaMlO kalisipOyi
batikaaDu. adi chaaladaa?  chaalaTaMlEdu chaalaa mandiki." How many
others can write a story that makes you read and think about such a
'antaa saamidE, nEnevarni ivvaDaaniki' is the story of young saamba. It
is vinaayaka chaviti. Like all other kids in the village, ten year old
saambaDu too gathered all kinds of leaves (patri) for worship. But,
how about a statue for worship? saamba goes about helping rangayya,
the idol maker and gets a small idol as his wage. In his hut, he
starts worshipping the vinaayaka, following the same steps that he
hears his master in the adjacent house enunciating. But, when the time
comes to offer 'naivEdyam', saamba finds that there is nothing in the
house. He is disappointed and dispirited. Towards the end of the day,
his mother returns home and offers saambaDu the 'dEvuDi prasaadam'
given to her by the mistress of the house. saamba finally got
something to offer God his naivEdyam. His mother remarks, "picchi
naannaa! saami pesaadam saamikE peDtannaavaa"? End of story.
		(to be continued)
Regards        -- V. Chowdary Jampala