Dev Mannemela (devmann@microsoft.com)
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 14:36:28 -0800

> About the Sheldon novel, I think it's Suryadevara who lifted it in its
> entirety. I forget the novel's name.
> > From the movie "iddaru(manchi?) mitrulu"
> >  based on O. Henry's short story "After twenty years" to Kamal Hasan's 
> > recent hit "bhamanE satya bhAmanE" based on the American movie 
> > "Mrs. Doubtfire", there have been countless adaptations of
> > English movies and stories. What always intrigued me is, are they 
> > done with the respective author/producer's consent? 
> 	Ofcourse not !
> > If not isn't
> > it blatant plagiarism? Can anyone throw some light on this? Thanks,
> 	I don't think the fact the they didn't get the original author's
> permission makes it plagiarism, unless 	they claim it as their own
> original work.
> 	If Kamal H says his movie was based on "Mrs.Doubtfire", even if he
> hasn't got permission  from 
> 	20th century fox, *I* think he hasn't plagiarised. But if he claims
> it is his own work, it's a different 	matter. [ like our Suryadevara.  I
> don't think he gave credit to Sheldon for his novel. Infact IIRC,
> 	in the preface of the novel, I remember he saying something about
> being inspired by some 	newspaper report about some female prison
> inmate or something like that..]
> 	But how many books/movies are "wholly" plagiarised from foreign
> works? There  might be
> 	a scene here and an inspiration there. But is wholesale plagiarism
> that widespread?
> 	I have a request to the telusa folks. Could some one give us a
> 'state-of-the-telugu-literature' address?  We get some postings from time
> to time about the 'alternative' writers. But I am curious about the
> popular literature? What are the trends? Who is ruling now? Has anything
> good emerged lately?  What's up with Malladi, Yandamoori, Suryadevara,
> Yaddanapudi, Kommanapathi, Yarramsetti etc..
> Any new "stars" ?
> dev