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V. Chowdary Jampala (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 22:38:10 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Padma Indraganti wrote:

> note, it seems to me that copying and adapting English material is 
> nothing new to telugu vALLu. From the movie "iddaru(manchi?) mitrulu"
> based on O. Henry's short story "After twenty years" to Kamal Hasan's 

	It is manchi mitRUlu

> English movies and stories. What always intrigued me is, are they 
> done with the respective author/producer's consent? 

	Of course not.

> If not isn't
> it blatant plagiarism? Can anyone throw some light on this? Thanks,

	Our very first (or almost the first, if you want to be picky) 
'novel' was inspired by Vicar of Wakefield. It continues so even
today. BN made Ibsen's Pillars of the Society into peddamanushyulu. Now
Kamal Haasan makes bhaamanE satya bhaamanE.

	(I should mention Random Harvest here. It is made into Telugu
films so many times; its purest adaptation - cheekaTivelugulu was a flop
though its semiadaptations are big hits; this is where the hero -after
one liaison - ends up with amnesia and a second girl with the attendant

	We are not alone in this; Hindi films routinely do that too. I
remember a big hue and cry when Vijayanand made AJ Cronin's Citadel into
tErE mErE sapnE and credited the authorship to some kaushal bhaarati or
so. But, such hue and cry is not very common as most people do not lift an
entire work. (BTW, there is a Telugu name for this: it is called
ettipOtala -lift irrigation - pathakam).

	In any case, most works are not copied, but are adapted. And, some
adaptations don't bear much relationship to the original. (remember
muLLapooDi venkaTaramaNa's chettEr chedaarEr?).

	And we are not partial to English only. Scenes form ohter language
films are copied quite frequently without acknowledgment. They buy rights
from the original only when the entire film is being remade.

> PS: I wonder why telugu movie producers, who are always eager to copy
> English stories, ignored P.G.Wodehouse completely. I think some of PGW's
> comedies can be "telugized" very easily and would make wonderful telugu
> movies.

	prEminchi chooDu (in itself a remake of kaadalikka nEramillai) is
Wodehousian in its concept. But, many of our writers - including
muLLapooDi and paalagummi padmaraaju - copied Wodehouse with gusto.

	Regards		--- Chowdary Jampala

PS: padma gaaru seem to have missed another kamal haasan 'adaptation',
aaDuvaariki maatramE (9 to 5).