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	>	We are not alone in this; Hindi films routinely do that too.
	> remember a big hue and cry when Vijayanand made AJ Cronin's
Citadel into
	> tErE mErE sapnE and credited the authorship to some kaushal
bhaarati or
	> so. But, such hue and cry is not very common as most people do not
lift an
	> entire work. (BTW, there is a Telugu name for this: it is called
	> ettipOtala -lift irrigation - pathakam).

and Yaddanapoodi wrote a novel based on "Tere Mere Sapne". Was it "Madhura
Swapnam" ?
I think it was later remade as a movie by K.Rags with the same name with
Krishnam Raju, Jaya{sudha,pradha}