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I think that "Yandamoori's works" is a very interesting topic to talk
about. It is fair to say that he has become the shaper of the Telugu
novel's direction since the late '70s starting with his tulasidaLam. No
matter what anybody says about the quality of work that followed, his
influence has been so sweeping that all prominent writters of that time
either retired or started imitating him. I believe that that yamDamUri
yugam is still going. While I work on my year-end deliverables, I would
very much like to hear the view of our learned colleagues on telusa.

K.V.S. Ramarao   

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> Legal issue aside, I wouldn't mind plagiarism ("creative adaptation")
> so much if it had any quality to it. Most of the Telugu plagiarisms of
> trashy English fiction adds a unique, extraordinary level of its own
> trashiness to the work. The result has the effect of the writer saying
> to the reader, "I know you are such an idiot that you will swallow
> whatever swill I pour out, so I won't bother to be careful or creative
> in my copying." I recently read a work by Yandamoori Virendranath
> (something about the impending end of the world because of a cosmic
> event) that was so extraordinarily bad that it has the potential to
> spawn its own private genre of "tiTTu kavitvam." Fortunately I have
> even forgotten the name of this piece of pollution; if I repeated the
> name some misguided soul might feel like reading it.
> On Virendranath--I know that he is well thought of as a master of the
> language and a superior commercial writer. Having read the book I did,
> I find it impossible to believe that the man has any quality or value
> to his work at all. That, even making allowances for earlier, less
> mature work etc. I just can't imagine him producing anything but the
> most cynical, worst-quality trash.
> My personal views.
> Bapa Rao