Re: More About GSS

Syam Veluri (
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 10:42:14 -0500 (EST)

Vasu Garu Wrote:

>Uday gaaroo, why don't you tell us who since SreeSree
>wrote great poetry?

>Afterall, really great poetry is as rare as a revoultionary
>[scientific] discovery/invention.


>Regards & Thanks

Sri GSS wrote some good poetry, but there is a lot of difference
between good poetry and great poetry. TIME is the only litmus test for
a good thing is to be called a great one.

I really like his song in the movie 'Mutyala Muggu', "Edo Edo annadi
ee masaka veluturu, gooti padavalo unnadi kotha pelli koothuru ..."
the song which was beautifully picturised in a boat, on a full-moon
night, by none other than Bapu.

But, still, I some how feel that his poetry, his jargon, his diction, his 
imagaries ... are more predictable. (One can easily recognize Seshen's
poetry, by just seeing   Chandrasilalu, Ambaralu, poolu, pavanalu, manjeeralu,
koojithalu, madhuvulu, .... in a poem).  

Hope I am not seriously offending.