Info on Poet gaddar wanted -Reply

Prasad Tata (Prasadt@OTSUKA.OAPI.COM)
Tue, 04 Mar 1997 10:15:00 -0500

  Sumegha posted the following on SCIT:

  I am looking for some info on Ghaddar, the poet-singer of
  revolution in the telangana region. I'll appreciate  if
  people in the news group can pass on some web links or
  suggest some sources.

  my e-mail:

  Someone more knowledgeable in this area may come forward, please.


Poet Gaddar his actual name is Subba Rao.  He belongs to some village in
Srikakulam Dt. I believe he graduate with a Master's degree in Arts or
Commerce from Andhra University during early 1970's (he was not there
after 1976 since I joined AU in 1976), Inspired by Naxelite movement in
Srikakulam--- Famous Adhibatla Kailasam, Vempatala Satyam,
Nagabhushanam Patnayak, he got into Communist movement.

For Some  reason he made his home in Warangal and Khammam area
during vengala Rao regime and continued to live there, He became visible
in the communist movement for his talent of mixing communist ideology in
folklore music and wrote several songs, biggest success was his song

Bandenaka bandi katti Padahaaru Ballu Katti 
Ye Ballo Vastavu Kodako, Nizam Sarakaroda
Naazeela Minchinodo Nizamu Sarakaroda

This song was very popular private song later made into movie 

Maa Bhoomi ---Gaddar Appeared in this movie and  I believe  he sang this

Just today I saw a news item that Gaddar was released by AP Govt.

Much of the information I provided here is out of my vague remembrance
of several events and authencity needs to be verified.  Somebody needs
to add more information. Maybe Dr. Mohana Rao Parachuri a Scientist in
Ford Motor Company can add some ideas relating to this issue.