Re: On telangANA telugu

Ramana Juvvadi (rjuvvadi@quartz)
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 15:13:44 GMT

I think the reason Krishna/Guntur or Telugu is considered more
standardas opposed to Warangal or Nellore Telugu is that they were
more magazines and editors from that area at the beginning of this century.

The effect of Urdu on Telangana Telugu was more marked in my grand father's
generation. My father himself studied Urdu till 3rd standard. After the
independence, the medium of instruction shifted to Telugu. I find it
funny when my grandfather who is fluent at Urdu, can't read Hindi in
Devanagari script.

Anyway, beyond all the influence of Urdu, one distinguishing feature
of Telangana Telugu is the usage of accha Telugu as opposed to Sanskrit
words. How many in this group would recognise the word 'vayyi' as a book.
I don't know whether any  nighnaTuvu lists this word or not, but that
was a term I used to hear a lot in our village. 

There are two terms related to marriage that I haven't heard anywhere
else -- 'koTnamu' and 'bondu'. I don't know whether 'koTnam' is a
corruption of the word 'kaTnamu' or it is meant to refer to a mini
kaTnam. It is a ritual where somebody from bride's family carries
a box full of assorted goodies to the bridegroom's house. Before 
anybody gets the wrong idea the box doesn't carry anything of 
great economic significance. The most valuble thing in the box
is a pair of clothes for the bridegroom. 'bondu' was too much of a 
ladies affair. I never peaked into it to see what was going on.

Anyway, I drifted from Telangana Telugu to Telnagana culture.