Appreciating/Chopping a Poem

Rao Veluri (
Wed, 05 Mar 97 09:58:49 CST

     Here is a poem I stumbled upon. Let us be 
     objective and criticize the poem. I have 
     deliberately chosen to post it as a work
     by an anonymous unknown!
     In appreciating the modern art, particularly
     the post-impressionistic variety, I have learnt
     that the artist's signature on the art work becomes
     an integral part of the art work! It seems, even how
     and where the piece gets exhibited, makes a difference.
     I am not sure if the same 'theory' is valid in literature
     and literary appreciation. True, if we know the author,
     we either consciously or subconsciously tend to add
     excess 'baggage' to the piece, that may or may not
     be relevant!
     The bottom line is this: Can a poem/a literary work
     be objectively appreciated/criticized, irrespective
     of the author?
     Cabbage and Carrot
     One afternoon Cabbage visited Carrot
     and found Carrot wearing something transparent.
     "Oh, that looks quite fancy, that looks like fun.
     But where are you off to in this cellophane?"
     "You really think so?" blushed Carrot. "Well, I've..
     Well, I've been invited tonight by the Knife.
     And I've been invited-- please, don't get me wrong--
     alone. I don't think I can bring you along."
     "The Knife!" Cabbage shouted, disgusted. "Big deal!
     Who cares for that cheap imitation steel?
     I'm going out tonight too without you.
     Two Spoons have invited myself for a stew."
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     Venkateswara Rao Veluri