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Wed, 5 Mar 1997 13:14:54 -0500 (EST)

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> While at REC, I was told by my seniors the following story: Once there was
> a student cul.fest. going on, and a music band was invited from Hyderabad
> to provide entertainment at the concluding ceremonies. A lot of people
> gathered, but in stead of the band expected, a troup of prajA nATya maNDali
> artists (including Gaddar) arrived, took over the stage, and gave a three
> hour performance of songs, plays and skits. Not one soul from the audience
> stirred! This could be due to the rivetting entertainment or may be due
> to...well, even this is not the main story.

I would attest to the fact that it is NOT a story, from my own
experience. I was studying at the Hyderabad Central University at the
time (1991-1993). prajA nATya maNDali (including Gaddar and the poet
Varavara Rao) was invited by the HCU school of performing arts and the
performance was simply superb. Gaddar could not stand the "once more"
shoutings from the audience. As an artist from the group of artists, he
let other artists to perform equally (in terms of the time sharing). You
can blame me but I do not recollect any lines from the songs to share
with others. He sang many of his hit songs "banDenaka banDi katti", 
"bhadram koDukO" etc. I remember him saying, "warrior uses a sword as
the weapon, poet (for eg. Varavara Rao) uses a pen and I use my gaLam or
gontu". I got the impression at the moment that he likes to sing more
than to write. Someone can shed some light here if I am wrong.. 

--- P.V.Rao