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Hi! I am normally a very passive reader. But this 
interesting discussion on the importance of culture 
prompted me to post my opinions.

Granted that "food, shetler etc." are very important. But, 
it is also important that we live a life of humans. 
Happiness does not come just from the above mentioned 
items. If it is so what is the difference between us and 
animals? And why  all those people who "cannot eat" are the 
major patrons of cinemas, which  have become the popular 
art of these days? It is seen that many changes in the 
society have come through the efficient use of arts. So, 
I believe that it is important for people to understand the 
history of our culture and try to apply to today's 

This message is purely to provoke a discussion not to hurt 
anybody's feelings. 


On Thu, 6 Mar 1997 08:53:21 +0000 (GMT)  "C. Kambhampati" 
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> Agreed. But what is the point of these studies. It does not feed anybody
> other than the people with vested interests. The maseses need food
> clothing etc - there are millions out there who do not know if they are
> going have their next meal. Cultural studies and cultural relativism and
> associated studies of cultural movements happen by themselves if the
> people are sufficient. If not all of this does not matter - culture is
> useless if people cannot eat, live and prosper. Culture is meant for us
> well fed humans.
> The man on the street would rather use the books as tissue paper - for he
> has no clean water - the books are of no value to him but are of immense
> value to us. So reflecting on our own self-interest we decry the lack of
> cultural studies - studies whic are going to be subsidised by the masses.
> Yet we well fed humans are the first to resist any movement which would
> ensure adequate funding provisions are made for a decent welfare state
> where people are not going to think about from where the next meal is
> going to come from.
> Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all.......
> is something which comes to mind....
> Chandrasekhar