Re[2]: 'mA bhUmi' version of 'naijAmu sarkarODa'

Rao Veluri (
Thu, 06 Mar 97 10:46:22 CST

 Sree Ramakrishna on 3/5/97 2:04 PM writes:

"---A cursory examination of the verse "naijAmu sarkarODa" seems to 
follow the pattern "A B C" in each line where,
 A - 5-mAtra gaNam, one of UUI/IIUI/IIIII/UIII - (IUII not permitted) 
 B - 3-mAtra gaNam, one of UI/III/IU
 C - 4-mAtra gaNam, one of UU/IIU (no IIII or UII)
The restriction for C is that all the lines have to end in a guruvu, for 
for singability. This is the LSG (Last-Syllable-Guruvu) rule.
While all possible combinations for B are permitted, the restricted 
gaNa for A is the infamous 'ja'-gaNam, occurring in the beginning 
of the impermissible IUII group.
I did not write down the U/I sequence for all the lines listed by 
Jampala or Nasy to come up with this structure. I just took the 
inherent 'laya' in the verse, which is loosely "lA-lA-la lA-la lA-lA", 
and tried which variations (substituting two laghuvus for a guruvu) 
preserve the tempo, and which don't. If you try to hum the line 
with A=IUII, you would clearly see its impropriety.
Probably there is a name for this in the family of ragaDas, or some 
other family. ---"

Yes. It is called gaddargaDagaDa!


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