Re: SrI smile's works

V. Chowdary Jampala (
Sat, 8 Mar 1997 15:51:48 -0500 (EST)

On Sat, 8 Mar 1997, Nasy Sankagiri wrote:
> punkhAnu punkhangA rAsE racayita kAdu. kAnI A rAsina koncemU paThitala
> guNDellOki dUsuku pOyi, akkaDa allakallOlamU, dAvAnalamU sRshTincagala
> Sakti galavi. kalampEru cirunavvE kAnI, A kalamlOnci cindEvi mAtram ruthira
> jwAlalE.
> (Reference. Theis poem was first publsihed in 'jalapAtAlu' anthology, by
> pragati sAhiti, 1978. I got it from "khALI sIsAlu - a literary miscellany"
> published by the author in 1995).

	The author Smile was at TANA 95 during which occasion, his 
anthology khaaLee seesaalu was released, and TANA distributed this book 
in USA.. Nasy was too busy to notice it at the TANA bookstall at the 1996 
TAGDV function. If any body wants this book, write a check for $7  
and send it to me at V. Chowdary Jampala, 664 Southern Belle Boulevard, 
Beavercreek, OH 45434.

	Regards.		-- V. Chowdary Jampala

PS: Smile also published a small anthology of his verses and haikus in a 
small volume called 'okhaDE'. That is not available here.