Re[2]: SrInAdhuni Akhari cATuvu-vETUri praBAkara Saastri's v

Rao Veluri (
Mon, 10 Mar 97 18:20:03 CST

 Sree Varigonda Subbarao(3/7/97 2:55 PM) in response to my post

"---That validates the corrections by Sri Sridhar Rao! 
    I have a few doubts.---"
    Yes. Sri Sridhara Rao's corrections to your post were correct.
    But both of you have placed the 'kailaasa giri....' stanza as
    the second one, but Saastri gaari version shows that as the
    fourth stanza of the seesam. Not that it matters much, but I
    am getting good(?) at nit-picking at the most harmless level!
    Hopefully, I don't shoot myself in my 'left foot' this time. 
   "---I "tenungu rAya rAhuttunDu" evarO ceppAru gAdu!---"

       Sree Jampala and Sree Paruchuri have identified this 
       raayalu known in the legend! It is sambu raayani
       telumgu raayalu(in the chandO poetry he was the 
       'saamparaayani telumgaa! neeku brahmaayuvaU.').
  Both JC & PS have mentioned about the begging for kastoori by the           

  Here is that poem:

      Saa. akshayyambuga saamparaayani telumgaadheeSa! kastoorikaa
           bhikshaadaanamu sEyuraa sukaviraaDbRmdaaraka SrENikin
           daakshaaraama caLukya bheemavara gamdharvaapsarO bhaaminee
           vakshOja dwaya kumbhi kumbhamulapai vaasimcu dadvaasanal.
     -- begin side bar --
     When I was reading this poem at the top of my voice as an 
     antidepressant at my team's loss against New York on Sunday night,
     my wife asked for the meaning! I gave her the pratipadaartham, 
     particularly to the last two lines. I have expected her to throw me 
     out of the room; in stead she asked me to get that same kastoori for 
     her when I go to India this year!(What can we say about them, women!)
     -- end side bar --
"--- Could you throw some light on other characters too?
     vIrA reDDi  =?= peda kOmaTi vEmA reDDi (the king who gave AShray
     to SrInAtha)---"

     No. I think, it is aLLaya vEmaa reDDi's brother veerabhadra reDDi,
     who was the kRtibharta for kaaSee khamDamu. After the death of 
     kOmaTi vEmaa reDDi, Sreenaatha joined the raajamahEmdravara kings -
     vEmaa reDDi and veerabhadraa reDDi. It appears that kOmaTi vEmaa reDDi
     of komDaveeDu and these raajamanDri reDDees were bitter enemies!

"---Are there any more poems said by SrInAtha in this situation? i     
    remember he was punished by the oDDi rAjulu to carry a gudibanDa for 
    not paying lease money for the land. Isn't there a poem where he  
    mentioned about that gudibanDa? ---"

    After all the kings who respected Sreenaatha died, legend has it    
    that he leased some land in boDDupalli near the kRshNaa river 
    and started cultivation! After all, he had to make a living! River 
    kRshNa was very unkind to him, and he lost all the crops! He owed 
    back-taxes and the oDDi raajulu put him through a veritable hell! 
    Here we go!  

    see: kavi raaju kamThambu kaugalimcenu gadaa!
         puraveedhi neduremDa pogaDadamDa
         aamdhra naishadha karta yamghriyugmambuna
         tagili yumDenugadaa nigaLayugamu

         veerabhadraareDDi vidwaamsumumjEta
         viyyamamdenu gadaa vedurugodiya

         saarvabhaumuni bhujaastabha mekkenu gadaa
         nagari vaakiTanumDu nallagumDu
         kRshNavENamma gonipOye nimta phalamu
         bilabilaakshulu tinipOye dilalu pesalu
         boDDupallenu goDDEr"i mOsapOti
         yeTTu cellimtu damkamu lEDu noorlu.

         In the next post we will talk about bhRmga pamcakam,
         alleged to have been written by Sreenaatha. 
         -- begin side bar--   
         It is so nice to have nostagic reveries about these old
         classic pieces with a lot of padded baggage. It is like 
         staying neutral, and standing on the yellow lane in the
         middle of the two lane highway!
         But, the problem is the unpredictability of the darned
         traffic! Either from the left or from the right one could
         get easily knocked off!
         -- end side bar --

     V R Veluri