Re: just to start a discussion!

Rao Veluri (
Thu, 13 Mar 97 13:42:08 CST


Sitaramayya Ari on 3/13/97 12:21 PM questions:

"--- I can hear the thunderous silence here!
     So, I thought of inviting you to a small non-controversial       
     (hopefully) discussion. Just to keep the heat down, let's leave the  
     names of authors out of this.
     Here it goes: When we like a certain author, is it because his/her   
     writings taught us something new, revealed something we were unaware 
     of, forced us to change our thinking on an important social issue    
     etc? or
     is it because he/she articulated very well what we already believed in, 
     reinforced the validity of our previously held social judgements etc?
     Or all of the above?---"
     Obviously, all of the above + he/she has shattered to smithereens,
     some of the ancient social prejudices, assidiously held and guarded 
     for ages!
     Of course, there is an obvious problem with the addition I proposed! 
     It might be a strong but a totally baseless and unreasonable reason 
     for some of us to hate the author too!
     V R Veluri