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C. Kambhampati (
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 20:04:53 +0000 (GMT)

Being in a pretty smarmy mood sree paaNini shot of this little note:
On Thu, 13 Mar 1997, Panini wrote:
> That was a great and inspiring story that was long on what and short on
> how.
> How was the change in ATTITUDE achieved? Because, that was the key to
> the miracle.

That is what I was alluding to - that magic word which was so carefully
highlighted by paanini gaaru!

> Also, if this story has a bearing on the previous discussion on this
> thread,
> it escapes me.  I fail to see how an appreciation of culture (or
> literature)
> is a hindrance to reforms such as the one described.  If there is a
> moral to
> this story, it is that reform begins with a change in attitudes at the
> grass
> root level and cannot be mandated by government spending priorities.

CULTURE => Literature(amongst others) => CHANGES_ATTITUDE is a sequence we
all assume holds. But what this story highlighted is that ATTITUDE CHANGE
COMES FROM WITHIN - being a learned person does not necessarily change
attitude. One need not appreciate culture to change, but surely culture
SHOULD CHANGE ATTITUDES. If it doesnot whither culture!

> Sree
> kambhampati's harrangue appears to assume that all literary endeavor is
> wasteful
> and misdirected.  I submit that literature and culture are not the
> dominion
> of well-fed alone!

One can keep submitting as much as ones wants to - Indians have been doing
it for centuries now and we seem to have become past masters at this game
- however, the game is not on here - since I have never assumed  what
Sree paaNini assumes I have said.

Hey, I might be a bit off - but I aint enough of a mad hatter to make
such assumptions. So sree paaNini - lets move onto other things -
Sitaramayya gaaru has just posted something interesting.

> paaNini