Re: just to start a discussion!

V. Chowdary Jampala (
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 23:04:30 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 13 Mar 1997, Sitaramayya Ari wrote:

> Here it goes: When we like a certain author, is it because his/her 
> writings taught us something new, revealed something we were unaware of,
> forced us to change our thinking on an important social issue etc? or
> is it because he/she articulated very well what we already believed in,
> reinforced the validity of our previously held social judgements etc?
> Or all of the above?

	All of the above plus some. There are also authors that I like 
because reading their works was fun even if they wouldn't say a thing 
about social issues - important or not so important.

	Regards.		-- V. Chowdary Jampala