Re: Pampa Kavi and some random thoughts

Ramakrishna S. Pillalamarri (pkrishna@ARL.MIL)
Wed, 19 Mar 97 16:58:21 EST

Dr. Mysore Nataraja, a friend of mine says as folows:

   "Regarding Pampa, he is considered Adikavi in Kannada.  The history 
    is somewhat confusing because there are several Pampa-s.  One of the 
    Pampa-s was also known as nAgavarma, (or nAgachandra? I have 
    forgotten),  There was one known as Hampa, etc.  In any case, the 
    rAmayaNa and mahABArata attributed to Adikavi-Pampa are considered 
    the greatest kAvyAs.  It should also be noted that one or several of 
    these Pampa-s were jains by religion!

    I believe that pampa-rAmayaNa is available in Bangalore.  I won't be 
    surprised if the Library of Congress has a copy! (I have not 

I vaguely remember reading a while (make that a long while), ago that 
the telugu kavi who translated (started to, in this case) mahAbhAratam 
is a kannaDiga, and the kannaDa kavi who did the same is a telugu 
person. I am racking my brain as to where I read that statement.

In case of pampa, if he is from vEmulawADa, it could still be that he is 
a kannaDiga, living in that region. Pure and rank speculation! Take that 
with a ton of salt.

A search for "PAMPA RAMAYANA" on the Internet produced surprising hits.
One of them is for PAMPA, Prabhat Academy for Music and Performing Arts!