Re: Gireesam's 'The Widow' padyam

Sreenivasa Rao (
Thu, 2 May 1996 16:19:47 -0400 (EDT)

She leaves her bed at A.M. four,
And sweeps the dust from off the floor,
And heaps it all behind the door,
The Widow !

Of wond'rous size she makes the cake,
And takes much pains to boil and bake,
And eats it all without mistake,
The Widow !

Through fasts and feasts she keeps her health,
And pie on pie, she stores by stealth,
Till all the town talk of her wealth,
The Widow !

And now and then she takes a mate,
And lets her hair grow on her pate,
And cares a jot what people prate,
The Widow !

I love the widow - however she be,
Married again - or single free,
bathing and praying,
Or frisking and playing,
A model of saintliness,
Or a model of comeliness,
What were the earth
But for her birth ?
The Widow !

OTHER Items of similer type:

Right in the begining Girisam come to Bonkuladibba after a fight with
Pootakullamma ( reflcting on her )

When lovely woman stoops to folly,
And finds too late that men betray,
What charms can soothe her melancholy,
What arts can wash her guilty away?


Can love be control'd by advice?
Will cupid our mothers obey?


It is women that seduce all mankind.


Oh! whistle to me and I will come away,
Though father mother and grandmother
should go mad.