Re: oka candamaama kadha

Sastry Isukapalli (
Tue, 7 May 1996 15:46:55 -0400

One nice story, from an old issue of candamAma goes as follows:

There is our hero, a prince, and for a long time he is having dreams of
this "jagadEka sundari", and he decides to find her somehow. All the folks
laugh it off as a joke, but he persists. Time passes by, and the prince
decides to take the "bride-search" as a full time job, and leaves the

He goes through forests, and crosses rivers, and gets attacked by robbers
and animals. It is just a matter of time, and he becomes extremely weak, and
collapses near a river.

Then, wonder of wonders! Our prince finds his head in the lap of his dream
girl. She has indeed rescued him. Our prince finds out that she is the
daughter of the village chief, and proposes to her. She says that he needs to
ask her father. Our prince goes to the girl's father and says that he really
loves this girl, and he wants to marry her. The father initially gets angry
that some stranger could dare to seek his daughter's hand. He asks a lot of
questions. The prince is about to reply that he is indeed very well off, and
can take proper care of the girl, but suddenly he says "nEnu oka
piccivADini! nA valla porapATu jarigindi. She is not the one I am looking

BetAluDu vikramArkuDini aDugutADu : "Isn't it silly that the prince has
given up the dream of his life? Isn't he a fickle minded guy, who doesn't
know what he is missing?". (as usual "samADAnam telisi ceppakapOtE nI tala
vEyi cekkalavutundi).

vikramArakaDu : "The prince is indeed a wise man. The logic is that if a
village chief has so much concern about his daughter, and so many
requirements for his son-in-law. Then, how much should he, as a would-be-king
worry about the qualities of the girl he is going to marry? Afterall, she
has to become the queen, and he was till now concerned only about beauty. He
probably realized that he was hasty in deciding to chase a dream, and hence
pushed off".

mAuna Bangamu --> BetAlauDu gets on to the tree again --> next story


P.S : I wonder whether there are any castiest/racist implications of
the story... When I first read it, I interpreted the story as
"Don't let fancies interfere with reality".