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Tue, 14 May 96 13:12:35 EST

bApu gAru chAlA chAla aparimita mita bhAshulu.
aDigina praSnaku okka padamlo no leeka oka chirunavvutonoo chAlistaaru.
July 1995 TANA lo disappoint ayina vALLalo neenokiNNi.
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Subject: An evening with 'bApu' - Info. about an upcoming literary ev
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Date: 5/14/96 10:45 AM

*************** An evening with bApu *****************

Here is some information about an upcoming literary event in Atlanta.

pramukha citrakAruDu, darSakuDu SrI 'bApu' is being felicitated by
the telugu community in and around Atlanta.

"sAhitya sadassu", the telugu literary group of Atlanta is inviting
everyone to attend this function, scheduled for Thursday, the 23rd
of May at 7.30 P.M. There will be some renderings of poetry and
prose by the members of this group on this occasion and all those
interested, can enjoy this "evening with bApu" and experience the
telugu literary shower too..

The event is sponsored by IACA (India America Cultural Association)
and TAMA (Telugu Association of Metro Atlanta) and will be held in
the IACA auditorium in SMYRNA.

Please contact for more info. and directions :

Sri Pemmaraju Venugopala Rao - Ph. (404)634-4982
SrI Prasad Chalasani - Ph. (770)908-2550
Ram Dokka - Ph. (404)250-0636

Regards and see you there..

- Ram (Ramabhadra Dokka from