Re: Quiz on Telugu Literature
Wed, 15 May 1996 18:33:13 -0400 (EDT)

Here is my first stab at this

> ----------------------------------BEGIN------------------------------------
> 1. "vinaraa sumatee" - who is the author of this Satakam ?

> 2. who has the birudu "harikathaa pitaamahuDu" ?
aadibhoTla naaraayaNa daasu

> 3. who is the creator of the famous "kaantam" character ?
munimaaNikyam narasimhaaraavu

> 4. what is the real life name of beenaadEvi, the famous short story writer ?
bhaagavatula sundaramma, wife of bee.narasinga raavu (hence,
bee_naa_dEvi). However, the husband (a judge by occupation) also
wrote using the same pseudonym.

> 5. aandhra kEsari ran a magazine in three languages. what is its name
> and in what languages ?
swatantra in Telugu, Tamil, and English

> 6. Who were the two prominent personalities, one known as eminent scholar and
> the other as a 'down-to-earth realist', who translated Sarat's Bengali novels
> so well in to Telugu that many believe(d) Sarat were a Telugu?

vEloori Sivaraama Sastri, and chakrapaaNi alias aloori subbaraavu.

> 7. Victor Hugo's Les Miserables was well adapted in to Telugu, not once, but
> twice. Who were the authors and what were the respective titles?

beedala paaTlu was one of the titles, I will have to think about the
other. (I could have done better if you asked me about the film version :)
It was made as a film too twice: once starring naagayya, the second starring
akkinEni naagESwara raavu. The latter was produced by viThalaacaarya).

> 8. Even Don Quixote was adapted in to Telugu. Who is the author and whats the
> title?

I will have to think about this one too

> 9. kompalle janaardhana raavu, who unfortunately died young, and to whom
> SreeSree's _mahaa prasthaanam_ was dedicated, was the editor of a Telugu
> magazine. What was it?


Regards. -- V. Chowdary Jampala